Failure to disclose costs on their website
Can talk to organizers about problem
User rating
  • There WERE interesting things to see...2 years ago.
  • Plenty of free (if you don't mind walking a bit) and paid parking.
  • No mention of charges during advertising.
  • No way to contact organizers during the event.
  • MaxYield didn't even seem to care when made aware after.

Today I went to the 2013 Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo in Long Beach California. I attended this event 2 years ago and I thought I’d go back again this year…BUT…this year, while in line, they tried to charge me $10.00 to get in so I left. I’m considering going back just to try to find an organizer to talk to about this.

There is NOTHING on their website about charging the public $10.00 at the door (only a mention of charging retail exhibitors $25 if they didn’t pre-register) and it takes a lot of nerve to expect the pubic to pay to go in to see what they’re already charging the exhibitors to show. I was there 2 years ago so I know there’s nothing in there that I’d pay $10 to see. Virtually everything there can be seen at your local hydroponics store or online.

Can you spell RIP-OFF? I expected more from Maximum Yield, I’m very disappointed in their greed.

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