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GrowTutor Welcomes Nate Johnson!

Nate Johnson the former owner of is now a member of the GrowTutor team! Nate decided let us host his content rather than running his own server and we didn’t want all of the hard work that he did to just disappear; the information was just

Do LEDs Lose Light Intensity with Time?

A special thanks to one of my readers for asking this question. We know that traditional high-intensity discharge lights like high-pressure sodium lights lose their light intensity with time (most lose a significant amount of their intensity in 6-12 months if they are used regularly). This means

Looking at the Inside of an LED

LEDs are fascinating lights aren’t they? It’s pretty cool that scientists have found a way to mix semiconductors in a way that will produce light. In the previous section (part 1 of the how LED grow lights work series) we talked about semiconductors, free electrons, and diodes.